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Hello world!

I’m using WordPress, again.

I’ve wanted a new website and blog for ages that is hosted in a part of the internet owned, controlled and paid for by me, rather than inside a brand that is totally owned & controlled by a large corporation or silo. I wanted to implement as much of the Indiweb philosophy as I  possibly could while keeping updates, security and interminable ‘settings fiddling’ to a bare minimum. Ghost looked great. Writing in Markdown was appealing, but implementing the plug-ins necessary to empower my presence on the Indieweb would be beyond me.

Whatever I chose I knew it had to look smart and plain—not simple, a wholly overused description for what passes as modern in the modern world—but plain, clean and truly modern. Then I stumbled across Independent Publisher, a great looking theme for WordPress created and designed by Raam Dev with the Indieweb in mind.

Perfect. Except, WordPress.

So I compromised and started blogging again. Hello world!

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